Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Happy new year!!! 2009 should be a good one. 2008 certainly was eventful. This is the time when I reflect on the past and consider the coming year. Here are a few of my memories from this year. Please share yours as a comment.

In 2008 I:

1. was the first ever team goalie for VJ's. This is a team that started together in the Rec league and has been together ever since. We are 7 games in and we are 4-2-1 on the season. Not bad. I have a 81.5% save average. Could be better.

2. got my own goalie pads and helmet. This was nice because I did not have to share the rink pads anymore. I took advantage of a short fat kid and kind of stole em. It was easy. Like lunch money...

3. got my referee's license. I lernt the rulz. Come to find out, I have a set of rules that only apply to me as a goalie. For example, if a goaltender acts in such a way that would cause a normal player to be given a penalty, such as slashing or tripping another player, the goaltender cannot be sent to the penalty box...

4. played in a game where it was so foggy that I could not see the other goalie.

5. was there the moment Marty got his Mary Janes goalie jersey. At a time in his life when the world seemed to be shooting to his weak side, his friend from Gunni gave him the biggest smile you can imagine. Zach told him that he was a part of the family. He was so touched at that moment that he forgot his dad on the way up the hill.

6. made a trip to McCall for a little summer hockey. Andy, Tony, JD, Zach, Tom, Brandon, Troy, Leith, Mike, Jerry, Alan, and Nate. We didn't win any games but we drank a lot...

So that was what I did in 2008. The big question is, What will I do in 2009?

1. I will play more hockey.

2. I will be careful when I drink with anyone who has a numbered mug.

3. I will watch my speed on my bicycle this year.

4. I will figure out how to defend Rhett's "Deke" move and Zach's top shelf shot.

5. I will work understand exactly what they are trying to say in my 2007-09 Official Rules and Casebook.

6. I will be nice to JD's dog.

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