Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas week was a little slow in Cowtown at the Palouse Ice Rink. I showed up for 2 open hockey sessions and were both unattended. So, the Dominican Daddy took the hint and pointed the Scubaru north on Hwy 95 to drop in on the "Old Timer" for a couple of days. North Idaho has been getting a little snow and wind so the trip took a little longer than it does in June. There were something like 14 cars moving at 40 mph for 90 miles. Thankfully I have nerves of steel. What kind of music do you listen to for that? I suggest easy listening. My Co-Pilot Euch played a little Andean music to calm my nerves. Flutes and pipes. Patience is a must in a storm that leaves snow by the foot.

So after 2.5 hrs, Euch was asleep, the music had played twice over and my patience was gone. I slid the truck into a nice hockey stop in the driveway at Sister Toots and raced to the door. My timing was perfect. I found the Old Timer working on a taco dinner. Tacos on Christmas eve should be a tradition. "I'll take four please. "

Christmas was great. The Old Timer and I started at the Dominican Daddy's Daddy's Daddy's and Mommy's place for a little breakfast, a few gifts and a talk about all the snow. At 90 years old they were ready for siesta by about 10 am. From there we journeyed north to Uncle Jacks Cabin. There is a whole blog about uncle Jack that just needs to be written. Jack is 60 something years old. He is down to one arm (there is a story about it) and lives happily on top of a mountain with a pad of paper, a pencil for pictures and a pencil for letters, a guitar, prosthetic hook and a carton of cigarettes. He built his 3000 square foot house from lumber scrap taken from yards and state parks through north Idaho over the past 15 years. He voluntarily lives there year round with no power, no running water, no sewer or phone. He just sits up there and lives simply. Right now he is under 5 - 6 feet of snow and has no plans to leave for at least 3 weeks. To find him, we had to hike 2 miles up an unplowed road. I don't like smoking much but I somehow felt inclined to drop him a carton of lights for Christmas. Something about an old dog and new tricks. I think he was actually happier to see the smokes than he was to see me.

So the day after Christmas the old timer and I decided to head to the family homestead up in the Idaho panhandle near the Canada border. My great grandfather built the place 55 years ago. Priest Lake is the Dominican Daddy's favorite place on the planet. It is nestled in the Selkirk mountain range coming out of Canada and has been home to 5 generations of my family.

Priest Lake is just about ready to skate on.

Another couple of weeks and we can send the short fat kid out to check it for depth.

The Old Timer said my stick stick handling was weak at best and put me to work on the driveway. I shoveled and moved snow for 5 hours each day for 3 days.

So that has been my Christmas so far. I am waiting for the New Year. I suspect my next blog should be on resolutions . I hope you have a great New Year!!!

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