Friday, January 9, 2009

IFLH Hockey Classic

Preparations were well underway for the inaugural IFLH Palouse Pond Hockey Classic. It was to be held at the soon to be sentenced "Dr. Dipsticks" pond at some point in the winter of 2009. A couple of weeks ago it got pretty chilly here in Cowtown so the "I Fu#^ing Love Hockey" crew banded together to scrape the ice, drink beer, and brag about committment. On the first scrape there were 7 tools and a frozen pond.

The new Canadian "Dr. Dipstick" from Fla (go figure) worked his new truck into a snow pile and 5 of his lackeys (one step below "hoser" since they just scraped the ice and didn't actually hose the ice) had to dig him out. Notice how many of them are actually digging. It took them a while...

At the end of the day, the beer got drank, Don Cherry reruns were played and KLImaxxx's level of commitment was called into question. This is the question of the week. Does he truly love hockey? Short Fat Kid thinks KLImaxxx adores parts of hockey. George the Gringo thinks he just has sex with hockey. Childers (Greek for "outside the zone") suggests that he may have a crush on hockey. So lets let the crowd decide. We will see who's idea gets the most votes and declare it "The Truth". Vote this week on the poll. For a little history check out .

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