Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Future of Hockey

So what about the new generation of hockey player? Will they be stronger, faster and smarter? Will they be more accurate? Will they be any better? Will they love it at much as we do? Since the only constant in life is change, we can bet that the next generation will break our records proving that they can be better. But will they love it as much as we do? On my dad's birthday I asked him about his favorite sport which was wrestling. He was pretty proud to say his sons were better at wrestling than he ever was and I started to think about that experience. I remember growing up listening to him shout encouragement and tap his temple remind me to "Think at least 3 moves ahead". He helped me perfect the sit out move and roll the mats out after matches. He knew my coaches by first middle and last name. He got me the lightest shoes and knew how many stitches I had at all times. He loved wrestling. As the next generation came along, he helped me become a better wrestler than he was. I guess Darwin had a point. So with this in mind, I took Gracie out to shovel the pond for the IFHL Pond Hockey Classic. I am not sure if I have committed any child labor violations but I did have Gracie on the pond sweeping for almost 3 hours this afternoon with no snacks or naps.

She supervised and directed Rhett and I on the proper technique of shoveling. Like all good leaders she got in there and worked with us. She had a ball. I guess if I had to place a bet I'd bet that she will love hockey like I do. The future is safe for the time being.

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